About us


In 1989 RVF was founded by the Belgian and Benelux karting champion Rollin Vanmeerhaeghe. Originally the company pursued guiding young kart drivers but over the past years we got involved in all aspects of karting in order to find the way to the customers. Both in competition, rental karts and the industrial part of the branch,  RVF is a household name today. Through years of simultaneous presence in both markets, a synergy was created that formed the ideal basis for our services today. Daring to invest in this was the added value for the company. The international breakthrough came when the first 4-stroke race engine was born. This was the quantum leap, both in terms of sales and brand awareness. The risk at the time to make  the choice of resolutely only selling 4-stroke engines was absolutely the right choice. With an annual volume of more than 400 RVF/Honda racing engines,  this proves that even with the stricter CO2 legislation, we expect this figure to only increase. Today RVF is a provider of many major brands worldwide.

Ons team